Scottish jazzers, this looks interesting: “Musicians on the Mound” & “The Green Room on the Meadows”.

From the “Musicians on the Mound” Facebook page:

“It has taken some planning but we are finally ready to officially announce ‘MUSICIANS ON THE MOUND’ and ‘THE GREEN ROOM on the Meadows’.

The concept is a simple one.
The Edinburgh fringe is cancelled and we wish to help the community of hard hit musicians and this in turn provides a wide range of music and dance to entertain the city of Edinburgh.

Live performance is currently only permitted outdoors and this presents a problem – many musicians are restricted and unable to perform live due to mobility issues or lack of equipment.
In supplying a covered performance area, electricity and equipment we are offering multiple musicians to benefit from a situation that would traditionally only benefit a select few.
We selected the Mound and the Meadows to hold these events because these two spaces respect current social distancing rules whilst allowing freedom of movement and space to dance.

We are providing a covered performance area complete with full rig of PA, Microphone stands and power generator.
We are promoting all of the bands via our facebook page, Instagram and fliers.
We will be live streaming and photographing the event… Naturally musicians are entitled to opt out of this during their set.

We want these events to provide money for the performers and so we are providing a contact-less card payment point and we have set up a fundraiser.

All monies received will go to the musicians who perform.
We also encourage all of the performers to accept cash donations (just as they would when busking) during their own performance slots as well as sell merchandise and bring flyers to promote their work.

With a band of volunteers we will be working to ensure that equipment is sanitized and we encourage our performers to do the same.

We do hope that you will help us in this venture and support live music! Please share the page and come along and see the huge array of local talent that we have in Edinburgh!

***We are seeking to fill 72 slots over the course of the month of August (starting August 8th) so please get in touch via the facebook page or by our email if you are a musician and wish to take part***
We would like to see clips/listen to sound bites so that we can program the schedules accordingly. We are primarily seeking semi acoustic acts from the singer/songwriter, blues, jazz, folk and classical genres. Additionally we are keen to hear from dancers and circus acts and we are especially keen to include as much world music as possible.”

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