Hello and welcome. 

This site is for music enthusiasts who enjoy jazz and music that is experimental, questing or a wee bit odd.  In other words, music that is interesting, however it might be labelled. 

Mostly though not exclusively the focus is on new music happening in the south-east of Scotland.  This is only because living in Edinburgh, I’m more aware of music happening hereabouts; there is lots of amazing music happening all over Scotland. 

Every now and then I’ll give a heads-up about some of the fantastic events coming up and post some live reviews and reviews of new releases.  There’s a few other bits and pieces including a list of some of the cool music (bands, musicians and composers) I’ve come across, some of which may interest you, together with some relevant links.

I hope from time to time you may wish to share on this site some of your thoughts and feelings about any of the music mentioned here and also about the music you love.  

The overall aim of this site is to spread the knowledge of, and joy from the huge amount of wonderful and diverse music out there.                                                                                                           

February 2018  (updated January 2020)