Scottish Jazz + Beyond, The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland, 13 July 2019.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a huge and culturally multi-coloured creature and tonight’s show, which was part of Creative Scotland’s ‘Made in Scotland’ mini-festival within the Fringe, constituted somewhat of a Scottish celebration of cross-cultural music. Organised and MC-ed by local drummer Tom Bancroft, three bands were showcased, all primarily jazz bands but bringing significantly more than jazz to the table.

First up was The River, composed and played by guitarist Graeme Stephen with Mario Caribe on double bass, Bancroft on drums and Chris Stout on violin. Stephen’s music was cinematic, his virtuosic solos as usual evidencing his wide stylistic expertise and frequent use of pedal and loops, whilst traditional music star Stout’s fiddle danced in deft reply. Caribe and Bancroft meanwhile provided an at times down and dirty, and always secure and powering rhythm section.

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