London-based, bass-less trio Glasshopper’s energising new single ‘Grunge’ is due out on 8th December

Saxophonist Jonathan Chung is joined by fellow Scot, drummer Corrie Dick plus guitarist James Kitchman. Dick’s pattering drums opens the tune, before Chung’s singing sax lays down a charming melody, then Kitchman’s apparently improvised ruminations take over. The sax too gradually loosens up, some light electronic effects enhancing the emerging meditative feel.
This arresting single is jumping with energy and has harder edges than in the trio’s 2020 debut, ‘Fortune Rules’ (review of which here:…/)
The full album (all of which is composed by Chung) is set for release June 2024, and one hopes this of-the-moment trio may make it up to Scotland. On the basis of ‘Grunge’, live they must be a phenomenon!

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