4/7/19 Album review: Zhenya Strigalev & Federico Dannemann  – “The Change “. Rainy Days Records. As appeared in London Jazz News webzine on 4/7/19.

The album title, The Change, is apt.  After a decade based in London where he has gained a significant following, saxophonist non-conformist Zhenya Strigalev has returned to live in his native St Petersburg, this being his first recording since his homecoming. Meanwhile a change for Argentina-born master guitarist Federico Dannemann might be his return to performance, having spent many years teaching in Santiago, joining Strigalev’s Never Group in 2016.

However, this album is also a jazz masterclass in constant change and thus a valued gift for those jazzers who may have a low boredom threshold.

Continued here: London Jazz News

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