A Live Review! Edinburgh-born pianist-composer Ben Shankland’s trio played a gem of a set at the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival Autumn series recently. The trio was completed by Glasgow-based drummer Chun-Wei Kang and BBC Young Jazz Musician 2022, Kirkcaldy bassist Ewan Hastie. More below..

All three musicians delivered very impressively, Shankland generously allowing each of the trio adequate solo time to air their obvious chops. Additionally, their level of competence and coherence as a trio made one wonder just how long they had in fact been gigging together.
Shankland’s original, highly lyrical compositions (sometimes named after Wassily Kandinsky or Joan Miró paintings) sat well beside the only Standard played, an energetic, “heavily arranged” version of Cole Porter’s Just One Of Those Things.
All this together with his easeful harmonising and sureness of touch leave one eager to hear more from Shankland in the future. As a taste of things to come, here is his lovely Rays.

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